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How To Automate the "Cordova prepare" Command

Posted by Alexander Ilg on May 27, 2018 2:27:12 PM

The SAM Smart Asset Management client is based on the Apache Cordova framework and SAP UI5. This ensures that the application is platform independent and runs on iOS, Android and Windows.

When you are familiar with Cordova you know that you need to run a cordova prepare statement every time you change one of the files in the www folder and you want to test it.

The following short tutorial shows how you can automate this processes so that it happens without interaction in the background

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Mobile Offline Applications with a huge data volume for SAP with the Exchange Framework, MobiLink and Cordova

Posted by Alexander Ilg on Feb 24, 2016 3:00:00 PM

SAP offers more and more business processes that are running out of the box on mobile devices. This is done by rolling out a growing number of so called Fiori Apps. But also on the technology side SAP is catching up by introducing mobile friendly technologies like UI5, Gateway/Odata, SAP Mobile Platform and HCP Mobile Services.

These applications and technologies are great to mobilize 95% of all online and offline use cases, but there are exceptions where they are not enough. This includes:

  1. Offline applications with a very high data volume (Millions of records or GB of data)
  2. Offline applications which require a synchronization that is sub-second
  3. Applications with an ultra-fast user interface
SAP has another technologies that they acquired together with Sybase and Syclo – MobiLink and the Exchange Framework. This blog will give an introduction an architecture consisting of the Exchange Framework, MobiLink and Apache Cordova. It will explain how they can be utilized to create solutions that can meet the three previous mentioned attributes.
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Topics: MobiLink, SAP, Exchange Framework, Cordova