SAP Travel Management

Nobody likes to fill out an expense report - it is an administrative overhead no matter how it is done - on paper or via software. People should be able to focus on their actual task like selling something or fixing a broken machine.

SAP Travel Managment with Travel Plus or SAP Fiori

Therefore, it is important that a software for Travel Management is as easy to use and requires as less time as possible.

SAP Travel Management supports business travelers in all areas of traveling:

  • Request approval for travel
  • Approve trip requests
  • Plan trips
  • Book travel services like flights and hotels
  • Fill out an expense report

SAP has a long history with different user interfaces for Travel Management: SAP GUI (PR05/TRIPS), Web DynPro for Java/ABAP and SAP Mobile Travel Expense. Every generation came with a more up-to-date user experience, using the same backend functionality as the core.

msc mobiles Travel Plus for SAP Travel Management

msc mobile offers the latest generations of solutions for SAP Travel Management:

  • Travel Plus for SAP - a user centric, platform independent user interface with the full functionality of SAP Travel Management. Travel Plus is build with standard technologies like HTML5/SAP UI5 and can run on devices like iPhones, iPad, Android and Windows.
  • SAP Fiori - 4 standard SAP apps that offer limited functionality and are therefore easy to use.
  • Custom Development - implementation of custom user interface for SAP Travel Management

With our experience in UI design we have been able to drastically reduce the time users need to take care of their expense reports.

SAP Fiori Trips and Expenses application