SAP MobiLink

The MobiLink technology is part of the SQL Anywhere database and a powerful tool to synchronize large amounts of data with remote devices such as smartphones, tablets or IoT hardware.

SQL Anywhere and MobiLink are coming from Sybase and are easily installed and configured. They include mechanisms to synchronize structured data such as database tables and unstructured data such as files.

Synchronizing high data volumes from SAP to mobile devices

MobiLink supports SQL Anywhere, Oracle, MS SQL and HANA on the server side and UltraLite or SQL Anywhere on the client.

Real life scenarios in which MobiLink is used today include:

  • Synchronization of SAP PM data to an oil rig to allow the inspection of equipment without network connection.
  • Empower conductors in trains with an Android app which contains the data of all travelers with tickets of their count (database size on the mobile device is 1.7 GB).
  • Synchronize SAP CRM sales data like Accounts, contacts, visit reports and BI data to Windows laptops for offline consumption
  • Equip dealers with iPads, Android and Windows devices with an application that includes products, configurations, BOM and pricing data so that they can sell milking equipment on farms without network connection.

GEA is using MobiLink for their offline app for their dealers on iPad, Android and Windows 

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