Travel Plus for SAP lets employees enter their travel data easily via their favorite device

Travel Management user interface for SAP T&E on premise

Entering travel requests and expense reports can be a time consuming and sometimes painful experience if not done with the right tools. In a mobile world, where employees are constantly on the move, they expect to enter their data wherever and whenever they want. Travel Plus for SAP, a solution from msc mobile, allows users to enter their travel requests and expense reports on the go. It connects against SAP Travel Management on premise (transactions TRIP, PR05).


Travel Plus consists of the following modules:

  • Travel Request
  • Expense Report
  • Travel Planing

SAP Travel Management Expense Report Mobile

Travel Request

The travel request module allows you to create travel requests in SAP. It offers the following functionality:

  • Create a new travel request
  • Submit travel requests to your organizational manager
  • Browse existing travel requests in detail
  • Edit existing travel requests and resubmit
  • Delete existing travel requests

Expense Report

SAP Travel Management Receipts Mobile

The expense report module allows you to create expense reports in SAP. It offers the following functionality:

  • Create, change, and submit expense reports
  • Simplify expense report creation by using the copy trip function
  • Manage attachments on expense report level as well as on receipt level
  • Capture receipts using a device camera
  • Assign expenses using the receipt buffer
  • Access all types of expenses, including per-diem and mileage
  • Itemize receipts
  • Assign attendees to expenses
  • Manage multi-destination and multi-currency expense reports
  • Split costs among several cost objects


Travel Plus is an online application that directly connects against SAP - a middleware is not required.

SAP Backend Integration Layer

The integration layer is the heart of Travel Plus. It is responsible for the communication between the SAP ERP system and the user interface. It supports all features and functionality of the ABAP Web DynPro based Travel and Expense solution from SAP. The integration layer transfers all the customizing from the SAP backend (spro) to the front end. It ensures that Travel Plus behaves exactly like the backend system. Changes to the customizing are taken into account immediately.

Client Application 

The default client application is based on SAP UI5. It can easily be adapted to any organizations look and feel. 

It is possible to replace the standard UI with other options, such as native clients or other HTML based frontends. Some of our customers are running Travel Plus with a native iPad user interface or with a web browser/JQuery frontend.

SAP Travel Management Mobile