Mobile Sales without CRM, just SAP ERP

Sales Plus for SAP ERP is a mobile offline solution to support sales reps in their daily work life. The solution that is using SAP ERP SD and MM as its backend offers the following features:

Mobile sales for sap erp customers, no CRM system required

Key Differentiators

  • Running on SAP Mobile Platform and HANA Cloud Platform
  • Usability - Rich funcationality and easy to use at the same time

Extensibility - developed with standard tools and frameworks like Apache Cordova, JQuery and HTML5

Mobile sales for SAP ERP - offline and without network connection

Build on the SAP Mobile Platform and running on all devices

Sales Plus is running ontop the SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) and on the HANA Cloud Platform mobile services (HCPms). It has the following technical characteristics:

  • Backend - SAP ERP (SD and MM)
  • Middleware - SAP Mobile Platform 3.0/HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services
  • Supported Devices - iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows 8.1
  • Seamless online/offline integration - Access to all information in a disconnected mode
  • Cross-Platform application based on HTML5, Kapsel and Apache Cordova
  • Multi-language support
  • Customizable
  • Enhanceable to add customer specific features
  • Easy to apply customer specific look and feel

You can find more information about the Sales Plus architecture here. 

Display customer information

Sales Plus gives you access to all customer relevant information. Key features include:

  • Search by name, address, customer number and more
  • Associate contacts to customers
  • View and maintain customer master data, e.g. address, communication data, history (orders and activities) and reports
  • Show customers on the map, including navigation

Mobile sales for SAP ERP offline - display customer on a map, including navigation

 Display, edit and create contacts

  • See all contacts existing for a dedicated customer
  • Associate those contacts during sales activity creation
  • Maintain all master data attributes like communication data, open hours and department
  • Create new contacts

Sales Plus for SAP ERP - displaying contact information offline

 Display materials/product catalog

Sales Plus allows to download and display product information including picture, which can be displayed full screen. Other product related features are:

  • Search for products by full text search
  • Navigate through products in a product gallery
  • View material master data incl. product pictures
  • Browse products via catalogs and their categories
  • Customize in SAP which product catalogs are relevant for mobile app
  • Define product highlights in SAP customizing to display those on start page
  • View product-based reports

Sales Plus for SAP ERP - displaying material catalogs offline without network connection

 Display and create sales activities

Sales activities allow sales reps to capture important information like phone calls or customer visits. Sales Plus supports the following features:

  • View all my sales activities, or all sales activities per customer
  • Directly identify sales activities with associated sales order (SAP Document Flow)
  • Create new sales activities, define their result, and associate appropriate contact person
  • Maintain sales activity long-text
  • Create sales order with sales activity association

Sales Plus for SAP ERP - display sales activities offline without network connection

 Display and create sales orders

One of the central features of Sales Plus is the creation of sales orders. The app allows the user to:

  • View all historical sales orders per customer, or per sales activity
  • Directly see delivery status on one glance
  • Create new sales orders, define several header attributes and add materials (via quick navigation of last products or product catalogs) with their quantities and prices
  • Capture signature per sales order

With Sales Plus, paper based order taking will become a thing of the past!

Sales Plus for SAP ERP - display and create sales orders offline without network connection


 Display advanced reporting

  • View reports on user, customer and product-level
  • Create your own reports, completely ABAP and SAP-Customizing based. No frontend implementation necessary. All chart types provided


Download Sales Plus from the Apple AppStore