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Mobile Sales at Sopharma with SAP ERP and Sales Plus

Posted by Alexander Ilg on Jan 20, 2016 3:00:00 PM

Sopharma Trading, one of our Sales Plus for SAP ERP customers, presented their mobile sales implementation together with our partner Sqilline at the SAP Forum Bulgaria in Sofia.

Mobile Sales for SAP ERP at Sopharma with Sales Plus from msc mobile

 On top of the SAP Mobile Platform,  Sqilline was able to implement Sales Plus in a matter of weeks and add customer specific enhancements to the solution. This includes:

  • Promotions and Conditions
  • Header Discounts
  • Add bundles to Sales Orders
  • Translation of the user interface into Bulgarian

Sqilline also changed the look and feel of our app to fit the corporate identity of Sopharma Trading. Here are a few example screenshots:

 Offline sales appliction on iPads for SAP ERP


Sales offline on iPad connected to SAP ERP


Sales Plus for SAP ERP on iPad

Sales Plus is a offline sales appliation that connects with SAP ERP. Sopharma Trading is using Sales Plus on iPads.


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