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Introducing our new SAM Reseller and Implementation Partner Ideo

Posted by Alexander Ilg on May 17, 2017 3:00:19 PM

/'s-Hertogenbosch, 18. May 2017 - msc solutions, a German expert in plant maintenance and customer service software, announces today that the Dutch SAP partner Ideo from 's-Hertogenbosch is becoming the first international reseller and implementation partner of SAM Smart Asset Management.  

SAM is a mobile solution for companies running SAP to optimise their plant maintenance, inspection and customer service processes. It helps to reduce the costs of service delivery by eliminating paper based data capture and double entry of information. Customer service can be delivered faster, more efficient and service revenue can be increased. This leads to a better asset availability and higher customer satisfaction. Customers can sign off the delivered work right on the smartphone or tablet and receive a confirmation either digitally or on paper.

Mobile SAP PM/CS in the Netherlands and Belgium

When used in an inspection or plant maintenance environment, SAM helps to reduce breakdown times of critical equipment’s. With SAM, technicians have full access to the assets history, which helps them to identify problems faster and to deliver solutions with higher quality. They can confirm their working time and material consumption. 

SAM Smart Asset Management is a platform-independent offline solution that works without network connection. It is available for laptops, smartphones and tablets running Windows, iOS or Android.

"A mobile solution can only be successful if the end user has played an active role in the creation, " says Bart Elshout, Product Manager Mobility at Ideo. SAM was not developed in the laboratory, but is based on the more than 15 years of hands-on project experience of msc solutions with applications like SAP Mobile Asset Management, SAP EAM Work Order and SAP Work Manager. 

Alexander Ilg, co-CEO of msc solutions: “With IDEO we have a strong and trusted partner with a long history in SAP PM/CS. For us it is important that our partners have both a strong functional, but also technical know-how. With Martin Maurer and his team, we have just that!” The teams of Ideo and msc solutions work together since 2010 and complement each other. Both companies are specialised in customer service/maintenance processes and focus on mobile solutions.

"With msc solutions we have found a high quality and flexible partner, we are working together already since 2010. With SAM the team of Alex proofs again that they are on top of the SAP strategy. msc solutions is able to evaluate and choose the right components out the the SAP landscape. They have created the next generation mobile app which is robust and very fast, with the latest technology of SAP: SAP Cloud Platform and SAPUI5."
Bart Elshout, Product Manager Mobility at Ideo

"SAM is designed to support high data volumes and is based on open standard technologies like SAP UI5, SQL and ABAP. We chose this setup to make it easy for partners and customers to adapt the application to fit their requirements.” explains Paul Bertrand, co-CEO and CTO of msc solutions. SAM can be implemented on premise or in the cloud, leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP).

Ideo will resell and implement SAM Smart Asset Management in the Netherlands and Belgium.

About Ideo

We are Ideo. Ideo is a close-knit team of entrepreneurial professionals with a predilection for technology. Within this technology, we create solutions which help you as a client to move forward. By improving your service and maintenance processes, your competitive position will be enhanced and this will provide a higher level of service to your customers. All services and products that Ideo provides are in the area of service and maintenance processes with a focus on planning, mobility, DMS and GIS. We provide a seamless integration of these solutions. Ideo was founded in 1998 and is the market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium in the field of SAP service and maintenance. You will find more information about Ideo at and

About msc solutions

With everything we do, we want to make inspections, maintenance and customer service easier and increase the availability of your equipment’s. We believe that your technicians are your most valuable asset. They should be able to perform at their best. They should be able to focus on their work, instead of spending their time on administrative tasks, paper or bad software. The way we improve your inspections, maintenance and customer service is by providing easy to use solutions for the mobile world and the desktop. With SAM, we offer the next generation of enterprise asset management. You will find more information about SAM and msc solutions at

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