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Improved usability for SAP SRM with UI5 and Gateway

Posted by Alexander Ilg on Dec 22, 2015 2:27:21 PM

For the last few years, usability has been one of our core battle, especially around SAP products. Although we’ve witnessed a recent awareness and good initiatives on this matter from SAP, there’s still a lot to be done to make people’s work easier and better.

We recently faced such challenge regarding the SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) brand new user interface.

SAP acknowledged that the standard SRM solution that was in place for years was way too complex for most users. User who’d like to, let say, order office supplies or a new smartphone once a year. By leveraging their latest UI technology (SAP UI5) and Gateway, they created a solution that is a lot easier to apprehend and fits modern Web standards.

SAP SRM User Interface enhancements


Yet, customers always want more. And in our case, the customer is a world wide operating pharmaceutical company with headquarter in Basel, Switzerland. Although they appreciated the effort made by SAP, most of the screens and flows had to be changed/enhanced. New functionalities were also required such as:

  • Editing of the purchase order
  • Partial and full confirmation of the purchase order
  • Partial and full return of the purchase order
This involved enhancing deeply the standard application to the point where new views had to be created along with new Gateway services, and even new customer specific SAP UI5 controls. The stylesheet had to be completely revisited and adjusted to match customer’s branding.


The next step will be the development of the approvals for both the requesters and approvers using the same concepts.



Topics: SRM, UI Renovation