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How To view all files/data of your Android app

Posted by Klaus Rollinger on Feb 14, 2017 9:32:57 AM

On a not rooted Android device you cannot view your app's file content. This might be necessary when dealing with files like databases, logs or downloads.
The guide was written for a windows machine, but the steps are the same for macOS as well.

To view the app's private content you need to

  • backup the apk from the device
  • convert the backup
  • extract the convert backup
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Topics: Android

How to shrink the growing SAP Mobile Platform 2.3 Database

Posted by Klaus Rollinger on Mar 13, 2016 1:11:04 PM

The SQL Anywhere middleware database of SMP 2.3 tends to gow over time. This is using up a lot of discspace and can cause issues. This blog shows step by step how to shrink the database size.

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Topics: SQL Anywhere, SMP, SAP

How to renew an Afaria iOS Push Certificate

Posted by Klaus Rollinger on Feb 1, 2016 4:44:56 PM

The Apple iOS Push Certificate must be renewed every year. If the certificate expires (or is revoked) all devices must be re-enrolled in Afaria. Something you want to avoid at any cost.

This blog will show you how to do this for a single Afaria 7 (SP 08) installation on Windows (Server 2008 R2). The information this post relies on is spread over following SAP knowledgebase articles:

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Topics: Afaria, SAP